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Million Block is a digital asset advertising based on blockchain. You are free to pick a grid of any position and size and use Ether to pay for the purchase grid. Each grid is unique and supports the ERC 721 protocol. You can set up relevant ad images and links after purchasing the grid.

Purchase digital assets

You can buy blocks at any time. Here are some of the preparations you need to get started:

We recommend that you visit the Million Block website via Chrome or Firefox. Install MetaMask through the app store. Buy some Ethers through MetaMask. Finally, congratulations, you have the conditions to buy Million Block.

How to buy Million Block?

Million Block offers first-hand trades and second-hand trades.

You can select the position and size of the grid directly on the website, and then get the settlement price based on the area and unit price you choose (0.0001ether). The minimum trading area is 10x10.

You can also make purchases directly on the basis of the grid purchased by others. Purchase at 1.29 times the purchase price of the previous buyer.

Bonus pool and dividends

The funds for each transaction in the first-hand transaction and the second-hand transaction are as follows

40% entered the dividend accumulation 30% enters the bonus amount 20% into the development team 10% paid to the referee, if no referee directly enters the bonus amount.

Second-hand transactions in the payment of the first-hand buyer based on the remaining 0.29 into the above funds allocation.

How to get bonus pool and bonus

Million Block has an advertising space of 1800x900 =1,620,000. When all the blocks are sold and there is no second-hand transaction within 24 hours, the final buyer is the winner to receive all the bonus amount. Then, according to the proportion of each buyer's transaction amount to the total network transaction amount, dividends are made.


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